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Six swimmers joined forces to form the Colorado Swim Dogs 2009 English Channel Relay:

Marcia Anziano

Kathy Garnier

Mark Johnston

Chris Nolte

Susan Nolte

Nicole Vanderpoel


DateAugust 26th and September 3rd, 2009 (there is a 10-day window depending upon conditions.

Location:  Shakespeare Beach in Dover, England to Cap Gris Nez (the headland halfway between Calais and Boulogne) in France.

Distance:  The shortest distance between the two points is 18.2 nautical miles (22 land miles).

Time:  Depending upon water conditions, we expect to take 12 hours.  The tidal conditions determine the time of day that you swim...much of the relay may be at night or in the dark.

Water Temperature:  The expected temperature at that time of year is 63- to 65-degrees.

Relay Rules:  Each member swims for one hour, and the team continues in that rotation until the making it to the beach in France.  The team is followed by a pilot boat containing the other relay members and any observers.

Fastest Person:  Petar Stoychev, 2007,  6:57
Fastest Woman:  Yvetta Hlavacova, 2006, 7:25
Fastest Relay:  Team USA, 1990, 6:50
Info Source:  http://www.channelswimming.net/
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